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Marble Custom Notepad

Whether you're starting a new job, a new school year or a new chapter in your life, our 5" x 7" notepad is what you need to get organized for the day. With 50 sheets to create all your lists, hour by hour meetings, or tracker of goals, this notepad will make you want to accomplish this and more! A classic marble design and faux gold foil border along the open notepad. Create your list of to-do's or design your own notepad by adding in different art elements with various ways to organize your notes!

  • Organize your thoughts in our 5" x 7" notepad featuring 50 sheets per pad for all your collective thoughts
  • Thoughtfully manufactured as an expression of our constant and complete dedication to quality
  • This notepad maintains a modest profile while providing plenty of space for your note taking and daily tasks
  • Add in clipart elements from the clipart gallery and place anywhere within the safe area to ensure it is included on your notepad
  • Includes one pad