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Acrylic Paper Weight

If you're looking for a desk paper weight that's both modern and fun, you'll love our Acrylic Desk Paper Weight. This intricate stress relieving puzzle comes apart and can be put back together - it's perfect for fidgety fingers or anyone who loves a good challenge. Plus, it is a stunning piece on any desk or modern office space- its design is sleek with clean lines. The Acrylic Desk Paper Weight is 3.5 x 3.5 inches, the perfect size to keep your papers in place without taking up too much space. Acrylic Paper Weight does coordinate with our Acrylic Bloc Collection or any of our Acrylic Desk Décor pieces or can be a conversation piece all on its own.

  • Keep papers neat and tidy on your desk with the 3.5 x 3.5 Acrylic Puzzle Paper Weight
  • Express your personal style and creativity with this trend forward desk accessory puzzle paper weight
  • Polished edge construction creates a chic modern design includes 96 matching acrylic pieces
  • Enjoy the simplicity of this standalone desk paper weight piece or use in combination with our full line of acrylic desk accessories