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Metal Rollerball Pen

Color: Gold
Rose Gold

This sleek/minimalist pen is crafted from solid metal with a hexagonal barrel that allows for a secure/comfortable grip. The finish defines the simple yet sophisticated aesthetic that is russell+hazel. A magnet on the cap is a smart way to keep it together.

  • Multiple colors available
  • Solid metal body
  • Refillable
  • Size: 5 1/2"
  • 0.5mm extra fine tip

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great pen!

very aesthetic pen, writes smoothly and feels comfortable in the hand. However I cannot seem to figure out how to keep the ink with the cap inside of the housing-- it slides right out and does not stay together. Would love instructions!

Great Pen with a Learning Curve

The tip of the pen holds the ink refill in by screwing it into the housing. The rest of the pen tip screw threads are left to screw the cap onto so it won’t fall off. So if the cap does not perfectly align when it is screwed on-loosen the pen tip by about 1/2 a turn down by where it is holding the refill in. This will give you a few more threads to tighten the cap so that it is perfectly aligned. The screw-on cap keeps your pockets and purses ink-free.
I LOVE the hexagonal shape that keeps it from rolling away. It reminds me of some of my Rotring pens.
If the barrel was just a little bit bigger, I could use my very favorite ink refills but it does have a very nice feel and good quality ink.
Where do we get ink refills? Thanks!

Ciara Smith

I bought two, one gold one rose gold. They are both very cute, but the magnet on the rose gold is super weak. If you wiggle it at all, the cap falls off. But the gold has a super strong magnet that works great.

Oddly, the ink flow on the rose gold is spotty and the gold is again good. Maybe I got a bad rose gold one? Just frustrating how one is great and the other is so bad.

Either it's a perfect pen or useless, nothing between lol

Great to use, didn't hold up

I was really enjoying this pen, it writes very well and my hands don't cramp up as quickly as with other pens, the magnet on the end is great and has been powerful enough for me to never lose the cap

However now I also have the problem where the tip has popped off (as if it was going to be refilled) and will not stay in anymore. It looks like it was held in with friction which seems like a poor design in an otherwise very well designed product.


I never received my product.