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Mini 3 Ring Binder Bands

Add the finishing touch to your mini binder or spiral notebook with our mini 3 ring binder band with pen loop. These frosted silicone bands keep your mini binder closed while built in pen loop marked with the iconic russell+hazel plus sign keeps your favorite writing utensil nearby. Comes in a set of two to bring your best to planning, journaling or note taking within our mini collection.

  • Set of two bands keep your mini binder contained and your pen or pencil on hand with this modern frosted silicone mini 3 ring binder bands with pen loop
  • Features our "+" icon on the pen loop, this subtle band secures your mini binder and attaches slim accessories in style
  • Thoughtfully designed and produced of sturdy, flexible silicone as an expression of our dedication to quality
  • Modest design at .75" x 8.5" long, these dependable bands will be sure to keep it all together
  • Compatible with both our spiral notebook and mini binder collections, enhancing our effective planning, note taking and journaling solutions