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Planning Pad Set

When taking on multiple agendas or family planning, this planning pad set can help turn messy schedules into a coordinated wonderland. The monthly planning pad is a unique solution to maintain individual schedules and timelines all in one place for bird's eye view at the month ahead. Each perpetual month includes space for 5 projects, team members or family members, keeping everyone focused and aware. Also included are color coordinated stickers, colorful tape rolls, and a weekly meal planning pad with tear off shopping list. Keeping schedules aligned has never been so easy.

  • This planning pad set solves the need to organize multiple schedules and household necessities
  • Includes perpetual monthly planning pad, colorful tape roll set, and weekly meal planning pad
  • Chic size makes this set easy to add to any desktop, kitchen countertop, or anywhere your planning needs take you
  • Perpetual dating on both monthly and weekly pads allows you to start your planning at any time
  • Colored tape rolls and coordinating stickers help create a uniform system