tip: chronologicality

Essential vocabulary for returning students.chron-o-lo-gi-cal-it-y n

1. The spirit of order with which every student should approach his or her filing system (binder, notebook, file cabinet, et al.).
2. A keen sense of the correct sequence of events.
3. An alternative to shoving all your notes into a binder in random order. Instead, you date and title every document you create in the same way, then file them all in chronological order.
4. The numerous benefits you enjoy in the practice of chronologicality, including:
    a) effortless, orderly studying for a quiz or exam
    b) makeup work is easier because you know what you missed
    c) you are the B.F.F. of absent, late or desperately lost classmates
    d) syncs up beautifully with key dates and deadlines on your schedule


usage notes:

Photocopy and laminate copies of your class schedules or calendar and keep them with your filing system. That way, you'll have an easy reference for finding just the notes you need (Chapter 7 was discussed on October 4th—I have it!).