Put It Together

We all organize differently. You may love your current system. Or maybe you're a victim of too many systems—scheduling through your phone, iPod, and the planner your grandmother gave you. But no matter how you plan, russell+hazel's new SmartDate™ Planner System can work with you to simplify your set up.

Signature Three-ring Binder
- SmartDate™ Filler Paper
SmartDate™ Reversible A-Z/Month Tabs
- SmartDate™ Weekly Planner Sheets
- Three-hole punch

Downloads for Signature Binder (PDF):

1. Signature 2016 Calendar (single sheet)
2. Signature 2016 Entire Year (two page spreads)
3. Signature 2016 Entire Year (single pages)

  1. Stick all your scheduling formats—6-ring planner pages, calendar pages, etc.—into a Signature Three-ring Binder.

2. Insert SmartDate™ Reversible A-Z/Month TabsSmartDate™ Filler Paper and Weekly Planner Sheets.

4. Three-hole punch all print-outs, emails, schedules and other materials and add them to your binder. Voila! You're planning in one place.


Downloads for Mini Binder (PDF):

1. Mini 2016 Calendar (single sheet)
- 2. Mini Monthly Calendar 2016 (individual months)