Looking for a shower theme, but dislike all the cutesy games? Hold a Recipe Shower. Send several russell+hazel recipe cards to all attendees to fill out with their favorite recipes. (Note: family recipes add a sentimental warmth that the bride will remember for years.) The theme of the shower can then be centered around the kitchen. This lends itself nicely to larger group gift purchases for the kitchen and pantry. Everyone also pitches-in to buy a group gift like a large mixer or a series of cookbooks.

- Recipe Binder Set
- Two sets of Recipe Cards
- Sheet Protectors


Put It Together

1. Distribute the Recipe Cards to each attendee.

2. Collect the filled-out Recipe Cards prior to the shower.

3. Sort recipes into categories.

4. Place all the recipe cards in the binder.

5. Give the bride additional blank Recipe Cards, Recipe Card Pages and additional Sheet Protectors so she can start her own cooking traditions.

6. Recipe Card sets make thoughtful party favors.