Create a guest book that is modern, fresh and fun. By using a russell+hazel binder and our famous people tracker pages, you'll have a guest book that is hip, but also very useful. The binder can now be used for keeping track of friends and family, sending out thank you notes, making holiday cards, starting job searches and more!

- russell+hazel Black Book Set
- Extra People Tracker Pages
- Lamy Pens


Put It Together

1. Fill the Three-ring binder with the People Tracker Pages. Have your guest book attendant encourage guests to add their addresses and attach their business cards. There is even room to write a personal note to the bride and groom.

2. Don't forget the pen! Everyone appreciates a lovely writing tool.

3. Bring the Binder to the reception—many times people don't have time for the guest book at the ceremony, so the reception gives you a second chance to get everyone's names and addresses.

Option: Rather than a binder, use the russell+hazel people+places set. This makes it easy for several guests to fill out cards at the same time (i.e. no pesky long lines at the guest book table)!