The hardest part about tackling the big stuff in life is knowing where to begin. Things like starting a business, writing a novel or changing careers can scare you into stopping before you even start. But if the hard things weren't worth the trouble, we wouldn't have symphonies, space travel, or designer binders, would we?

The secret is to break down the scary goal into less scary pieces, and repeat until each of the pieces are well within reach. Say your goal is to become a chef. Seem like a handful? Let's start with "Apply to cooking school," then subdivide that sub-goal into even smaller goals:

1) research admissions process
2) request application
3) write application
4) have a friend review application
5) submit application

See? Not so bad. As a rule, try to break down your goals until each of the pieces can be accomplished in under an hour. Then just line 'em up and knock 'em down. Once you get in the groove, this technique works for any kind of goal, not just the big audacious ones. Soon, you'll be jumping at the chance to "find the scrubber" instead of buckling under the pressure of "clean the bathroom."



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